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The perfect Zwift setup may look different for everyone. There are a lot of choices! Any Bluetooth-enabled smart trainer will pair nicely with Apple TV 4th gen and higher. You can check out a wide selection of gear for Zwift at the Zwift Store. Aside from a bike, your trainer is likely to be the biggest impact on your budget. Trainers come in several varieties:.

For more help determining which trainer is best for you, you can visit our in-depth review here. Or check here to make sure your existing gear is compatible with Zwift. Some Zwifters also ride smart bikes or rollers. Rollers are a great way to work on your bike handling skills, and you can use any classic rollers to Zwift on a bike equipped with a supported power meter. For an immersive experience, try out smart rollers that have resistance control. Your other notable cost might be the device you choose to run Zwift.

You do not need a fancy gaming computer to run Zwift. Minimum specs are Windows 7 64bit or higher, or macOS Android users can look up the app in the Google Play Store to check whether their device is compatible. How much space do you have? Is your Zwift setup a permanent fixture? Or will you be setting up each time you ride? Most trainers are about 2. Noise and vibration is another consideration.

Modern trainers are getting increasingly quiet. Many boast to be quieter than a shower or a fan on a high setting. However, if you live in an apartment above a friendly neighbor, you may want to test vibration sounds. Trainer mats will do a fair bit to dampen vibration and noise… and protect your floors from all the sweat. A fan makes a world of a difference.The Zwift Companion App is the perfect companion to Zwift. Stay connected when you're on the go.

Pair it with your computer over the same Wifi network and use it as a Zwift game controller when you're riding. When you sign up, you can have it added to your calendar. Want to pat someone on the back for a ride they did, give them a Ride On right in the feed. MAP Want to see where you are in the world while you're Zwifting? Check out the map. Tap on your friend to send a Ride On or start a chat.

If you are in an event, you can chat with those in your group. We've got you covered. The Dashboard provides all the key metrics you expect right at your fingertips - watts, speed, distance, elevation, time, cadence and heart rate. Give an elbow flick when you want someone to pull through or wave to say "hi". Send real time encouragement or egg someone on with audio clips. Choose to see the action from four different POV and capture it with a snapshot. Actions are fun.

Private message anyone. I really love the app and it is a great companion to my Apple TV Zwift app. I especially like the new workout screen but have a couple of nit picks with it. I have a controllable trainer so I am concentrating more on cadence than power during the workouts.

The cadence font is so small and nested right under the power reading that it is hard to read, especially when really working hard. Perhaps moving it to the top left of the power arc and heart rate to the top right would make it all easier to read.

There is some open screen real estate In those places, especially if the power arc is just a tad smaller. Additionally, the app is super power hungry. Lastly, it loses sync about once per workout and I have to close and reopen the app.A multi-stage party that brings together the entire run community. Login Create Account Download. Download My Profile. Sorry, this content is not available in your chosen language.

My Profile. Get Started. Login Create Account. Logout Download. Change your country or region. Fun Is Fast. The app that turns indoor training into a game.

Explore Zwift Create Account. Explore all that Zwift has to offer on a new smart trainer. If you're not happy after 30 days, return it with no worries. Welcome To Zwift. Zwift blends the fun of video games with the intensity of serious training, helping you get faster. Level up in the virtual worlds of Zwift with a community that motivates you every minute.

Choose from training plans, group rides, races, and more.

zwift ipad

Discover the world of Zwift today. Play Video Get Started.

Zwift now available to all users on iPad and iPhone

Your Goals on Your Time. Jet across the desert. Climb a volcano. Escape to the New York City of tomorrow. Chase Goals With A Community. Fuel your next ride with the energy of everyone on Zwift.

Fun Is Fast

Tim Searle AHDR Leader "I like Zwift because it gives me an effective way to continue my training in a social way, at times where it would previously be impossible to do. Jon Hancock Run Leader "I can balance a busy life and still be able to train regardless of the time of day or conditions outside. Previous Next. Find your next challenge on Zwift and achieve your goals. Create Account. Careers Press. Get in Touch.

zwift ipad

Contact Us Partnerships General Inquiries.Zwift blends the fun of video games with the intensity of serious training, helping you achieve every one of your fitness goals. Pair a Zwift-supported device to our app, and get started today. Make new friends and find new competitors, all from the comfort of your home. Daily runs and rides rise to the next level thanks to Zwift. Dive into a collection of immersive worlds using a treadmill and footpod to runor bike trainer to ride.

Follow training plans designed by world-class coaches, create your own, or just go for a casual ride or run with a global community as dedicated as you are. Your training levels up with this any-weather, at-home game that helps you smash your goals! Spin your way through central London. Stride through a futuristic New York City.

Transform your living room into a training playground where you can tear through the desert, across Mayan Ruins, beneath an underwater tunnel, and beyond. Training is now better at home: trust your bike trainer or treadmill and footpod to track your results and give you all the data you need.

Which device should you use for Zwift?

Analyze your workouts. Take your performance to the next level. Trust Zwift to turn every ride and run into a game. Because fun is fast. Pick whatever you need to help reach your goals. We offer over live events a day. Get cycling in the Alps or run in the English countryside! Monitor your progress and analyze your performance. Our app works with dozens of trainers and devices smart trainer, classic trainer, footpod, etc. Download Zwift and experience the freedom to train, ride, or run any time.

Your time, your pace, your place.Put your road, mountain or tri-bike on an indoor trainer. Smart trainers, classic trainers or rollers - Zwift supports most all of models on the market as well as some of the most popular indoor bikes.

Zwift uses industry standard wireless protocols to connect to your devices. Zwift supports a wide range of Apple and Windows computers.

For the best in game experience, you'll want a good graphics card or GPU. The better the graphics card, the more frames per second FPS your computer can process, and the higher resolution and smoother graphics you'll enjoy.

If you're running a Windows desktop computer with a poor FPS, try upgrading the graphics card. There are many reasonable options available. There are also some great purpose-built gaming PC's on the market that won't break the bank, like the Alienware Alpha. We use cookies to make your experience better and also allow third parties to place cookies on our websites in order to make the ads you see more relevant to your interests.

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How To Connect All Your Devices to Zwift iOS

Sorry, this content is not available in your chosen language. My Profile. Get Started. Login Create Account. Logout Download. Change your country or region. Check Your Existing Gear. Smart trainers broadcast power watts to Zwift and automatically vary resistance to match changing terrain and conditions.

Some even vibrate to simulate 'road feel'. This real time feedback loop provides the most immersive Zwift experience. BKOOL 3. ELITE SARIS 8. TACX WAHOO 3. Classic trainers typically don't have any electronics, so you'll need a speed and cadence sensor or a power meter to connect to Zwift.

Some manufacturers offer an optional sensor that broadcasts power watts directly to Zwift. When using a speed and cadence sensor, Zwift translates speed from the trainer into watts using a estimated power curve. We've tested all the supported trainers in the Zwift HQ lab to calculate the watts required for speed-based power. Some trainers are 'zPower' enabled. GIANT 4. STAC 2. TACX 5. There are many indoor bikes on the market that use proprietary communication channels.

Rollers are a great way to work on your bike handling skills. You can use any classic rollers to Zwift on a bike equipped with a supported power meter.Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests. He lives in Northern California with his beautiful wife, two kids and dog.

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zwift ipad

Open Zwift, let your devices connect, set the World and Route, tap Ride. Now before starting, press your Home button, set the date back to automatic, return to Zwift and ride. This category of cookies allows our site to display advertisements which better match your preferences.

This category of cookies is used to enable seamless sharing of post content on various social networks. Run Zwift on your iDevice and enjoy your selected world but do it quickly—see below!

Important: Do not insert bogus values into your preferences file! About The Author. Eric Schlange Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests. Log in using. Like sitting in the draft, we make it easy! When you log into Zwift Insider for the first time using Facebook or Twitter, we collect your account's public profile info based on your privacy settings.

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You may disable or enable categories as you choose. Necessary Necessary. This category contains cookies necessary for the proper function of the website.As of Septemberthe Zwift virtual cycling application was announced to be available on iOS, for early-adopter beta testers. As of the publish date of this KB article, there are a limited number of slots to sign up, but get your name in earlyso you can be a part of it!

It won't run on an iPhone 3 or an iPhone 5 for example. Here's a breakdown of the minimum devices needed to support Zwift requires a bit A7 or newer processor. Supported IOS device list:. If your iOS device is not shown here, it is not supported at this time.

There are a few devices out there more are coming!

zwift ipad

To get that running, head over to your favorite fitness retailer or the defacto, Amazon and search for the Viiiiva V that's 4 'eyes' heart rate monitor. Zwift will receive the data from the V as if all of your equipment was independently speaking BLE. I have no personal experience with this product, so can't comment on its capability, but I'll get one and backfill this KB article with those details.

But have no fear! There are solutions to fix this! Easey-peasey, right? Exciting times for Zwift! More to come Printer-friendly version Log in or register to post comments views.

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