Becharaji gidc


Order Now. This story is from August 25, Sources said that the process of land acquisition has already started and is progressing gradually. The land has been acquired by the corporation by paying a rate of Rs 50 lakh per hectare. The area is away from the coast and hence unsuitable for setting up of a chemical industry.

List of Registered Companies in Gujarat - Mahesana, Complete company details are available.

It is ideal for the auto ancillary units," said an official. With the presence of Tata's Nano manufacturing facility and the proposed Maruti Suzuki plant coming up in close vicinity, these ancillary units would benefit.

Sources said that apart from the auto engineering and ancillary units, Gujarat is also looking towards other industrial units like those manufacturing semiconductors to set up their facilities in these estates. Sources said that once the land is acquired, the GIDC would then come out with a blue print on how to develop these estates. Its Industrial Extension Bureau would promote the facility to those interested in setting up the units. Navbharat Times. Featured Today in Travel.The Gujarat government has proposed special Investment Region at Mandal-Becharaji area of the Gujarat, but Special Investment Region had to exclude 36 villages from its plan.

Earlier, overall 44 villages were included in the Special Investment region of Gujarat Government. The proposed acquisitions will include majorly two talukas Mandal and Detroj. The land acquisition process for the project has already started by the State Government and it is succeeding with proper flow. The compensation paid to land owners is 50 lakh for every hectare and lands are acquired according to the standard government provisions.

The Gujarat Government is expecting many auto engineering and ancillary units from various businesses to set up their units in this proposed estates. The government officials said that the area is suitable for both chemical industry and auto ancillary units. The Gujarat Government is also targeting Industrial sectors like semiconductor manufacturing to set up their units in these industrial areas. After the land acquisition, The GIDC would finalize the development plan for these estates along with promotional plan of this facility.

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becharaji gidc

Ahmedabad airport. Bhavnagar Airport. Porbandar Airport. Rajkot Airport.

Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation to set up industrial estates in Mandal-Becharaji area

Vadodra Airport. Hotels in Gujarat. How to reach. India Map in Gujarati. World Map in Gujarati. Gujarat Landkarte. Ubersichtskarte von Gujarat. List of Villages in Mandal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Village Finder. Which States Share Boundary with China? India, in total, shares land borders with 6 sovereign countries. China is one of those.

Gujarat to set up 9 new GIDC Estates over 1050 hectares land

Below are the Indian states which share borders with the country.Order Now. This story is from September 10, Japanese corporates are expected to announce new investments during its PM Shinzo Abe's two day long visit While 15 companies have committed to invest in the state, 55 are expected to visit the proposed exclusive cluster to explore investment opportunities.

While 15 companies from 'the Land of the Rising Sun' have committed to invest in the second Japanese industrial park in Gujarat, 55 others are expected to visit the proposed exclusive cluster to explore investment opportunities, said top officials. Gujarat is hosting the Japanese premier for two days starting Wednesday.

The state government is setting up another industrial park -spread across 1, hectares -dedicated for Japan-based companies at Khoraj near Sanand in Ahmedabad district. The first Japanese industrial park has been developed by Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation covering hectares at Vithalapur, some 66 km from Sanand.

The first cluster has already seen investments worth Rs 1, crore by Japan-based companies in joint venture with Indian firms.

There has been increased number of enquiries from Japanese com panies for setting up units here. Hence, the state government has decided to establish the second such park near Sanand for companies from Japan. Several memoranda of understanding MoUs are scheduled to be signed during the visit in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Japanese counterpart," a government official said.

These companies are mainly looking at sectors such as auto parts, defence, machinery, food and fabrica tion to name a few. However, the government officials remained tight lipped about the names of these companies and investment figures. Industry insiders say that even if an average Rs crore is invested by each company, the investment could be to the tune of Rs 7, crore.

GIDC Plans Industrial Estate development in Mandal-Becharaji

In addition to these 70 Japanese companies, some 46 Indian as well as Japanese companies have also shown interest for investments in Suzuki Motor Corporation 's SMC vendor park at Hansalpur, located 32 km from Vithalapur.

Commenting on the investments in Vithalapur, vice-chairman and MD, GIDC, D Thara said, "The state government has already sanctioned land to some 10 companies, out of which four to five companies have started their operations here. Some 2, people are directly or indirectly employed with the park. Navbharat Times. Featured Today in Travel.On the western side it extend upto Gomtipur road, Sukhramnagar road except Gomtipur area including textile mills VIz.

Jurisdiction of this range including seven Mills VIz. On the western side it extends upto Khokhara bridge.

becharaji gidc

On the southern side it extends upto road from Vatva char rasta to railway crossing in south east. Over and above, the following textile mills are included Ambica Mill No. Bhalkia Mill closed 3. Rohit Mill 4. Mill No. Also in eastern side railway track from Kalupur Railway Station to St. Joseph Hospital. On southern side it extends upto Gomtipur Zulta Minara rasta on railway track to St. Gujarat Ahmedabad Ahmedabad South Vatva - I Range II The jurisdiction of this range extends to the right side of state highway Mehmdabad road upto 10 meters road taking 'J' shape turn towards 16 meters wide road 4 C ending at Vatva ramol road then right upto Kharicut canal.

Nirma Chemical Works P. Gujarat Ahmedabad Ahmedabad South Vatva - II Range I The jurisdiction of the range extends to the left side of state highway Mehemdabad road starting from 16 meter wide road 4 T covering plot series no.

S 38, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, This range includes plots of series no 20 to 35 of Phase - IV, 76 plots of serial nos. The shed lying between "A" road and road running parallel upto Khari-cut canal covering lane 41 and L road lane 3.

becharaji gidc

The jurisdiction of this range on the north west side runs parallel to road upto khri-cut canal. On the south side "N" Road commencing from railway line and again joining to "L" road meeting lane It also includes the unit VIz. Shah Textile Ltd.

Plot No. It also includes the unit of Nirma Chemical Works Pvt. In the eastern side of the octroi naka alongside of NH 8 upto Ranipur Patia.Becharaji or Bahucharaji is a temple town and taluka capital in Mehsana district of Gujarat state, India.

becharaji gidc

The temple of Hindu goddess Bahuchara Mata in the town is major pilgrimage centre. The name of the town is derived from Bahuchar Mata or Bahucharaji, a Hindu goddess. The region around the town is known as Chunwal. The Bechar village is located 1 km south of the temple while Sankhalpur village is located 2 km north of the temple. The modern town developed around the temple between these two villages.

According to Census of IndiaBecharaji has a population of 12, including 6, males and 6, females. According to Tantra Chudamanithe left hand of the Goddess fell in the Boruvan when the Shiva performed the Tandava dance. The temple was built on the place. Alexander Kinloch Forbes gave an account of the origin of the temple in Rasmala : According to the tradition, some Charan women were travelling from Sankhalpur a neighbouring village when the Kolis attacked and plundered.

One of the women whose name was Bahuchara snatched a sword from a boy who attended her and with it cut off both her breasts. She died and her sisters But and Bulal also committed suicide. They reincarnated as goddesses. So Bahuchara is worshiped in the Chunwal. Another legend tells that the shepherd boys had cooked rice in small earthen pot which became inexhaustible and fed the whole army of a skeptic king with the grace of the goddess. According to Shri Balatripura Sundari Bahucharamba, a Gujarati book published by the temple trust inmentions a legend that a Solanki princess Tejpal turned into a prince.

The story is also mentioned in one Garba song. According to the legend, Manajirao Gaekwad of the Baroda State was suffering from carbuncle. He visited the shrine in and vowed to spent 1.

He was cured and, as promised, the construction of the large stone temple started in Samvat or CE which is mentioned in the inscription in one of the halls of the temple.

The temple measured 50 feet by 30 feet with two domes and a spire shikhara. The temple in the open space is protected by the fort with three gates. The principal south gate built in sandstone is two storeyed, feet in length and 50 feet in height. He also built the lamp-post deepmala in front of the temple as well as a dharmashala rest house.

He granted Bechar, Dodiwada and Sankhalpur villages for the maintenance of the temple. These villages were subsequently taken over by the Baroda State and the annual allowance of Rs. The temple is now managed by the state government. The original temple is renovated recently. The raised platform in the temple has a niche behind it where a balayantra object of worship is kept with a golden cover which is worshiped. Another adyasthan original temple is built around the varakhadi tree when the goddess first appeared.

The Sankhalpur village is named after him. Another madhyasthan middle temple was built by Maratha Fadnis built no other information is known about him. It measures 10 feet by 12 feet. The Kamalias, the Solanki Rajputs of Kalri and the Pavaiya s eunuchs claim themselves the hereditary worshipers of the deity.

If a eunuch child is born in a family, their parents leave them in the temple where the eunuchs adopt and anoint them as a eunuch after a surgical ritual and confinement period of 45 days.

On an average, around 20, devotees visit the temple everyday.Today, Vithalapur, Becharaji, Jhalishana and Detraj villages in Taluka Mandal of district Ahmedabad have Japanese restaurants serving authentic Japanese food, all-Japanese hotels, Japanese grocery stores, Japanese Park Industrial and other urban amenities like shopping malls, office complexes, saloons and games shops for the working Japanese nationals here.

This area which was largely a span of green fields with villagers growing local crops for the living about five years back, now has over two dozen Japanese companies and their joint-venture partners largely in the auto sector, operate here from the Japanese Park and also in other places around it. According to sources, even major Japanese carmakers like Honda and Toyota are also looking for a large chunk of land here.

Erstwhile sleepy villages as these were about five years back are now bustling with the noise of zooming cars, cabs, mini and large trucks, and containers and other commercial activities.

We have made a lot of investment here and many venders have come here during the last 5 years. The main 2-lane road is going to be 4-lane soon. Maruti Suzuki Gujarat is going to get on contract a hospital and also a school in Hansalpur in the next two years to start operations.

Suzuki Motor Gujarat that entered this region in got its battery and car plant operated in in village Hansalpur near Becharaji. When asked about the reputation of this place, the MD said even in Ahmedabad there were only Japan restaurants but here there were many restaurants offering Japanese food. There used to be thatch-roofed huts in these villages on both the sides of the single-lane road in but now one could see shopping malls, office complexes, hi-rise residential and commercial buildings majorly made for Japanese nationals as well as other Indian employees working with Japanese companies here, recalls Prakash Yadav, Founder AJU Group of Hotels, that was the first and only organization that supported Suzuki by offering accommodation to its Japanese executives here.

However, the advent of Suzuki, Honda Motorcycles and other Japanese companies like Technotrends AutoPark — a subsidiary of ToyotaTsusho, and Komatsu, Minda here caused major transformation in the lives of the locals here about km away from the main city Ahmedabad. Earlier, the village had only cars but now we have more than He was earlier a farmer only but now had diversified into construction work too and had his income had increased multifold after the Japanese boom, Singh said adding that Japanese Park Phase 2 also was coming up in village Bhaga Pura near Vithalapur.

First batch of South Koreans flew out of India on Sunday. Ashok Patel 54 a farmer from village Detraj, another hub of the industrial and urban boom about 15km from Vithalapur is completely a changed man, and is now known as a major builder. He has constructed three malls and shopping complexes in the regions and one more is coming up. The land prices shot up from Rs. In malls, we have set up Japanese restaurants and office spaces for them and others.

Even at the time when the real estate and automotive sector is facing the brunt of the slowdown, the villagers here continue to hope for better prices for their land patches. Likewise, Toyota too was looking for a large tract of land in the region, Thakur said hinting at large forthcoming Japanese investment.

Nitin Patel of Miscon Corporation that sells fire safety equipment from its small office cum sales counter in New Shakti Arcade —a shopping cum office complex in Vithalapur, says the sales revenue had shot up 10 times and local economy had experienced unprecedented boom after the advent of Japanese companies here.

Deepak Chauhan, a scrap dealer from Haryana who moved to this place about 5 years back is astonished at the business prospects here. He grew from a simple retailer to someone who owns a hotel and shop in the area. However, the area is increasing Japanese presence lacks grossly on the big facility for Japanese — Golf Courses and for this they are still dependent on Ahmedabad.

Since the region does not have adequate Japanese grocery stores, the Japanese executive prefers to venture out to Ahmedabad to buy articles of household necessity. Ahmedabad is a city of traders more and it yet to feel the impact of Japanese investment coming in Gujarat.

According to experts, despite the fact Gujarat is a dry state where selling and drinking liquor alcoholic drinks is banned, and drinking is a way of life for the majority Japanese, the Japanese companies are making a good investment here.

However, liquor is available in 4-star above standard hotels here. Schools and hospitals are coming up largely by the Japanese corporations and their Joint Cneture companies like Suzuki, Honda, and Minda. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Breaking News. Sanjeev K Ahuja Last updated Dec 9, Suzuki's car plant in Hansalpur, km away from Ahmedabad city in Gujarat.

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